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This is what you can expect when working with Daedalian Glass Studios:


We focus on long-term relationships with our clients, building mutual trust through a commitment to making our collaboration on their projects a success. Similarly, we invest in the highly skilled members of the team who share a passion for what we do, for glass as a material and an enthusiasm for art and design. Furthermore, we value our strategic partners who supply key services and materials for our projects.


Often our customer’s vision creates the greatest opportunity for us to design something new and challenging – through our experience in glass and other materials. This has been a key focus at Daedalian since the outset and continues to set us apart – making our glass and work of a uniquely high quality.


We will exhibit integrity to the customer’s brief, ensuring we deliver on their vision and manage their expectations through the designs we develop, make, and install.


We are responsible as a company to our clients and as individuals to one another as a team. We are also responsible to the environment we live in, through looking to recycle wherever possible, and by using the best practices to achieve minimal waste.


From the art and design we originate through to the making and installation of our glasswork, excellence is our benchmark.  We also insist on the highest standards being upheld by the members of our team and by our choice of suppliers of materials and machinery.

By incorporating these values within our glass and service, and holding them central to our actions, we will continue to deliver beautiful and creative glass that exceeds the client’s expectations, adding unique value and character to their projects.

Unique luxury glass