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Our Approach

“We know our clients are busy. They want their glass projects delivered on time, as specified and with no surprises, and to be delighted by the quality of the glass. This is our aim and our project planning stages feature multiple quality control checkpoints to ensure it is achieved.”

Joe Walmsley, Director


Our clients approach us with project briefs at various stages of development and we are more than happy to work collaboratively to realise their aspirations. Whether this is a technical drawing, detailed pattern design, a sketch or simply an idea for a theme; our design team will use this as a basis for originating a unique design.

Equally, our design team is experienced at working with interior experts and artists to transplant their finished designs into glass.  They are able to advise on both which type of glass and what production technique will optimise the visual impact of a design.

Research and Development

We are always looking for new methods and materials to apply to glass. Whether it is a new type of glass crystal we use in casting, a stone interlayer for laminating or a new type of technology such as 3D printing, we test these new materials / processes in our studios to then create inspiring designs and artworks for our customer.

Quite often we are commissioned for projects requiring R&D as the client’s brief requires concepts that have never been tried before. We relish these projects as they test our technical skills and ensure we remain at the forefront of glass design, technology and techniques.


Samples form a large part of R&D and we hold an extensive catalogue at the studios that can be loaned out to help facilitate the development of a design. Proof drawings come next to form the starting point for a unique project, allowing the initial ideas to be reviewed without a significant commitment of resources.

Once the proof drawings have been agreed, we create control samples as a standard practice to ensure the customer and studio share a common vision of the finished article.


With a clear understanding of the customer’s brief and expectations, our studio team apply their skills and knowledge to create the glass exactly as specified, using the approved drawings and control samples for referral at all times.

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, this process may take weeks or even months. – it is not uncommon for a single piece of glass to require tens if not hundreds of hours of work! Our customers demand perfection and we do not rush to complete a process because one chip or incorrect dimension can rarely be remedied, regardless of what stage in the process a piece may be at, possibly meaning that all the work has to begin again.

Survey and Installation

The survey and installation team offer their services worldwide to ensure that our glass is transported and installed to the same standards as those with which it was manufactured in our studios.

This team is managed by our Technical Director, Chris Walmsley, who holds almost 40 years’ experience in the glass installation and wider construction industry. We are experienced at coordinating all of our site movements with the necessary agents and hold the required certification to work on construction sites.

The purpose of the pre-installation survey is to ascertain the exact dimensions of the space as well as the environmental conditions into which we will install our glass. This ensures that our studio team can manufacture to the exact specifications required, so the glass arrives prepared for the surveyed installation method, as alterations on site cannot be made safely.

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